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About Ding Xiang
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Ding Xiang capital, and future colleagues

Ding Xiang capital focused on financial development and investment services, aims to create a full-featured financial holding platform. Ding Xiang capital equity investment, asset management, mergers and acquisitions for the main business, with capital and investment philosophy, boost business development. Ding Xiang capital committed to promoting the development of mobile Internet, health care, culture, tourism, intelligent hardware, consumer information and other industries, and actively participate in mixed ownership and the country's reconstruction in Sichuan. Ding Xiang capital will be through innovation and excellence, and strive to become an excellent platform for integrated investment holding.

& quot; Ding Xiang capital & quot; is headquartered in Chengdu, currently has its three private equity funds with a total size of more than 800 million yuan. Where the surplus fund was initiated by Ding Xiang capital, the United National Science and Technology and the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone government jointly funded the establishment of venture capital funds. Fund in two phases, the first phase is a power surplus Chengdu Venture Capital Co., the second phase is Chengdu Yingchuang growth equity investment fund partnerships, a total size of more than 500 million yuan. Surplus funds also received high recognition at all levels of government and industry regulatory bodies, in 2012 won the State Science and Technology Venture Capital Fund accreditation, was named & quot; Best Chengdu venture capital institutions & quot ;, 2010 - 2013 three years in a row Annual Review was & quot; High-tech Zone of outstanding financial services institution & quot; title, is the only one high-tech zones eligible for this award three consecutive institutional investors.